Coaching Programs

For your personal & professional fulfillment, choose one or a combination of the following programs. In the weeks & months to follow, we’ll explore your options, create an action plan, and discover the power of accountability:



Evolving the Masculine: Life Coaching for Men

The Noble Knight Odyssey: How to Be Chivalrous

Ride the Tiger: Life Management Skills



Executive Dating Coach: Techniques for Lasting Unions

Alchemy of Attraction: Mastering Male-Female Dynamics

Rooting the Mountain: Deepening Your Masculine Essence

C0-Creating for Couples: Relationship Advice in the 21st Century



Innovative Wellness

Essential Well-Being Solutions

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being



Enlightened Leadership: Making Decisions & Building Consensus

Entrepreneur It: Small Business Coaching

Right Livelihood: Creating a Profession for the Good of Your Community