Teresa Ann Foxworthy - Life Coach

Evolving the Masculine emerged as a coaching program for men interested in exploring soulutions for their personal and professional lives. Living from their soul, they found more fulfillment at home & at work. This coaching program emphasizes personal growth & transformation to attain measurable progress in your life with a real sense of empowerment, as you navigate both emotional & logistical challenges.

Created by Teresa Ann Foxworthy, a professional life coach for men with over 20 years experience, her clients tend to be senior executives with Fortune 100 companies. This coaching program is the result of decades of research, testing leading edge techniques for personal evolution. Her clients hail from diverse industries, such as medicine, finance, technology, entertainment, law, engineering, media, real estate, government, travel, non-profits, and psychiatry.

Biography ~

Ms. Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Executive Life Coach & Consultant
Educated on both sides of the USA, as well as living and studying for a few years in Canada, France & Switzerland, Teresa has been helping thousands of people around the world for over 20 years with her personal, professional, community, and organizational development programs. Having overcome adversity in her personal and professional life, Teresa knows first-hand the process of successfully navigating internal and external landscapes of social dynamics, political agendas, and public opinion. She has dedicated her life to helping others as they evolve from unconscious behaviors to conscious collaborations with teams of people. She’s presented for audiences up to 75,000 people, and enjoys working one-on-one & small groups just as much. Assisting others reach their personal and professional goals is her mission, through whatever means is most effective.

“Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach our human potential in the 21st Century.” – Teresa Ann Foxworthy

EVOLVING the MASCULINE has evolved from a simple Life Coaching practice into an international consortium of various programs & events, which converge on the idea of personal transformation and male-female dynamics. By  offering educational and entertainment programs for individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations learn to excel at their full potential. We also offer products to assist in new life directions. Our philosophy is that the technology in our lives must be balanced with the refinement of our human qualities.



EVOLVING the MASCULINE really began in 1990, when Teresa Ann Foxworthy began offering Pain Relief Counseling to chronic pain patients in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had been bedridden herself at a young age and understands the tedious process sometimes associated with wellness & well-being. Blending wellness education, personal growth & creative self-expression into over 200 Personal, Professional, Community, & Organizational Development programs, Teresa has been on the forefront of the Cultural Creatives Revolution with holistic philosophies and wellness lifestyle consulting for spa resorts, medical clinics, community groups, and individuals worldwide. She founded AXIS MAGNA GROUP to integrate this leading edge philosophy into a global practice for others to learn about Essential Well-Being Solutions and Ecstatic Lifestyles.

At AXIS MAGNA GROUP, she recognized that more and more people want to natural remedies for their health, programs for their community, solutions their businesses, and opportunities to meet like-minded people. They also find themselves “waking up as a spiritual being”.  Teresa provides more enlightening options for healthier, more fulfilling lives. She focused on program development for wellness & personal development while being bedridden for many years. She has a background in technology, personal growth, wellness, business, & the arts. Once she healed herself, she made herself available to help others. This is not surprising, given that she is a Liberal & Expressive Arts major, with pioneer stock on both her sides of her family. She has primarily worked with Senior Executives from  Fortune 100 companies, as well as A-List Executives from Hi-Tech Start-Ups, as well as major talent in every industry for which she has served. First as a fundraiser, then holistic practitioner, creative artist, hi-tech expert, market analyst,   executive development coach, community builder, & philanthropist.

Connecting the dots of living and working, Ms. Foxworthy founded AXIS MAGNA GROUP to promote the idea of personal transformation & community building for people everywhere. With 8 divisions: public speaking, relationships, entertainment, wellness, lifestyle consulting, community development  and eco business opportunities, AXIS MAGNA GROUP is revolutionary in its scope and dedication to global leadership.  Our company is a global platform for people from all industries, and all countries, to build better lives, better communities, and better organizations.


  • Over 20 Years In Practice
  • Fortune 100 Testimonials
  • Most Extensive, Global Wellness Services
  • Client-Centered, Tailor-Made Programs
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Coaching-By-Phone
  • Friendly, Professional Staff
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Time-Tested Methods
  • Integrative Approach to Wellness
  • Leading Edge Programs for Adults
  • Skype & Google Hang-Outs Programs
  • Safe, heart-centered environments
  • Over 200 Wellness & Enlightened Entertainment Programs


Teresa has offices on both sides of the USA, as well as leading events in Canada, Western Europe & Hawaii. She accommodates individuals and small-to-large groups by phone, online, or in-person, depending on her itinerary and your needs.


With locations in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Carlsbad, CA, Teresa can travel to you or have you visit her to discuss your goals and provide sustainable solutions.


FOXHAVEN EAST is Teresa’s Mid-Atlantic HQ, located in Towson, MD, an hour northeast of Washington, DC. This wellness center offers intensive or on-going, well-being programs at a facility offering private yoga lessons, meditation instruction, Reiki treatments, healthy cooking classes, pain relief counseling, life coaching, and dozens of other modalities. Nearby is a huge LA FITNESS CLUB, complete with heated pool, jacuzzi, & sauna, group yoga & dance lessons, plus two floors of gym equipment. Teresa’s client have access to a wide range of facilities and modalities.

Men wanting better lives, via transformational coaching, retreats, online webinars, uplifting entertainment, junior or senior executive wellness & personal development programs, can call Teresa to schedule an appointment to speak first by phone. Weekly sessions have proven most effective, but intensives are best for more significant life transitions.

Teresa continues to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the fields of Personal, Professional, & Community Development programs. This includes helping men, women, their families & their businesses evolve in a rapidly changing world, changing economy, & changing values. Focusing on enduring values, we find, is the best strategy for navigating life’s transitions and rites of passage. Developing core competencies is the most effective process for overall success, in the long run.

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