Rooting the Mountain

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One of my advanced coaching programs for men is called, Rooting the Mountain.

It’s a program for dealing with women, your life, and personal fulfillment.

What do these three things all have in common? Chaos! David Deida, a well-known author on Male-Female Dynamics, pointed this out. The feminine or yin essence of these three areas has an unpredictable character about them, while the masculine or yang essence of people, places, and things, are rather predictable and ordered or measured. Have you noticed how you try to control women, the workplace, or fret about the world? Then this program is for you to cultivate a practice of self-mastery. Stay centered in your Life & your Heart.

For men who are still evolving a strong masculine essence, this course will help you strengthen your ability to “hold your ground” or “stay grounded” in the midst of unpredictable situations. You’ll learn how to handle your own emotions as well as those of people you care about.

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