Rooting the Mountain

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One of my advanced programs is called, Rooting the Mountain. It’s a program for dealing with women, your career, and personal fulfillment.

What do these three things all have in common? Chaos! David Deida pointed this out. The feminine or yin essence of these three areas has a unpredictable character about them, while the masculine or yang essence of people, places, and things, are rather predictable and ordered or measured.

For men who are still evolving a strong masculine essence, this course will help you strength your ability to “hold your ground” or “stay grounded” in the midst of unpredictable situations. You’ll learn how to handle your own emotions as well as those of people you care about.

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Spring is Almost Here

Executive Coach USA

Have you had a long Winter? One of the best things you can do is to spend time in Nature in order to bring yourself into balance…

We who live in most industrialized nations, usually live in highly mechanized, cerebral, and controlled environments. As we spend more time in Nature, whether we are a man or woman, we discover a softer, more introspective side to our personality.

Take some time to walk through a forest, hike a beach, climb a mountain, follow a river, or explore desert life. Take note of how your pulse changes from your normal routine. Notice what changes you want to make after a week in an all-natural environment.



21st Century Masculinity

What are men discovering about being a man in today’s world? It’s not enough to be macho, but it’s certainly not effectual to be passive, in most cases.

So, what’s the answer? The I Ching, an ancient Chinese text of wisdom states, The wise man knows when to advance & when to retreat.

How easy is it for you to discern when to advance & when to retreat? Are you able to know your mind, and then speak it so that your audience remains engaged, whether at work or at home?

Masculinity is an issue when dealing with other men, as well as with women. Developing friendships with others who earn your trust & respect can greatly increase your personal fulfillment. Cultivating a lasting romantic relationship with your beloved is perhaps even more fulfilling.

On-going weekly sessions keeps you on top of your game, at work and in your personal life. For more support to  cultivate a fulfilling life, call Teresa and experience her coaching style as you finesse your goals, one-by-one.

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Life Coaching for Men

Evolving the Masculine began as a response to the growing number of men who want more fulfilling love relationships. Our mission is to help every man who wants more fulfilling relationships learn how to attract & cherish them.

Coaching by phone, eBooks, home study, & Live Retreats:

Evolving the Masculine: Being a Man in the 21st Century

Alchemy of Attraction: How to Flirt & Get a Girlfriend

Rooting the Mountain: Personal Empowerment for Men

Dating Your Wife: Cherishing the Woman of Your Dreams

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